Knoblick Ranches having some of the best cutting, working cow horse blood lines around. And their disposition is kind enough for childern.


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We have started foaling.



Years of ranching has lead us on a path of breeding horses, cattle and dogs that are versatile and trainable.
We required horses that could with stand long hours of work in the feedyard or pasture;
They needed the cattle sense to read a cow;
The strength to hold a bull on the end of a rope;
The endurance to go long hours working before they hit the hay bale;
The trainability and brains  to do all this without a fight;
The kindness, to safely put a child or inexperienced rider on them.
Then on the weekends they need to have the control and class to be shown at a Cutting and Cow Horse Show and even better to have the talent  to WIN.
Our horses  are tested and true, they speak for themselves.
We believe we liken ourselves to the Chevy Truck Manufactures of the horse industry.

We are in the business to build horses like a ROCK.