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Here you will meet all of our chihuahuas male and female.


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Puppy Application




Please tell us alittle about you.


Thank you for your interest in our puppies! Please take a moment and COMPLETE this questionnaire fully and honestly, as it will help us pick out the very best dog for you, your family and your lifestyle. By completing this questionnaire, you are not committed to purchase a puppy from us, nor does it commit us to place a puppy in your home. We love our dogs very much and want them to go to the most appropriate and best home possible. Thank you for taking time to help us get to know you better. We look forward to setting up a time to speak with you.


Owing a dog is a privilege and also life time commitment, both emotionally and finically. Thank you for taking the time to fill this out.

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Are you interested in one of our current puppies? If so, which one?

Do you have Children? if so how many and what ages?
Are you interested in a, Male, female or either?
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Please give us any other information you think will help us get to know you and your needs with respect ot placing a puppy most suited to your family/lifestyle.