Knoblick Ranches having some of the best cutting, working cow horse blood lines around. And their disposition is kind enough for childern.


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We have started foaling.


Sales Agreement


All puppies are healthy to the best of the seller's knowledge.


All dogs are current on their age appropriate vaccinations. If a puppy has not finished its 3 shot series and the buyer brings the puppy out in public or in contact with other animals or people with diseases and illnesses, the seller assumes no responsibility if a puppy contracts any illnesses including but not limited to Parvo, Canine Distemper, Para influenza, Adenovirus, ect. The seller will not be responsible for replacing the ill puppy or for any vet fees. The buyer must realize that exposing a puppy younger than 6 months of age to unknown environments, animals, and people may cause illness or death.


This health guarantee does not cover parasites of any kind, internal or external (including coccidia, mites, fleas, and/or giardia), hepatitis, or hypoglycemia. This guarantee applies only to the specific puppy purchased from this seller. The seller will not be responsible for any of the buyer's expenses, including veterinary bills for this puppy or any other associated animal.


The puppy is guaranteed against any life-threatening, genetic defects for a period of 1 year of purchase. This does not include patellar luxation, cherry eye, molera, collapse of tracheal rings, hernias, or non-descending testicles. Should the puppy be diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian to have a congenital/hereditary, life-threatening defect within 1 year of age, the buyer must return the puppy to the seller at the buyer's expense to have it examined by the seller's veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis.  If the seller's veterinarian agrees with the diagnosis, the seller will replace the puppy with a comparable puppy when one becomes available. No cash refunds will be issued and the seller will keep the sick puppy. The seller will assume no responsibility for any of the buyer's expenses, including veterinary bills and/or shipping of the new puppy.